Fund Raising

photography ©mhodsman2014

In 2011 after many years of fundraising and a small loan from the LTA the club could afford to build its current courts. 

Events have been varied and well supported and now the figure of £13,000 of the loan has been repaid so far.  Activities have included Race nights, a chocolate party, beetle drive, Body shop party, balloon race, big raffle, treasure hunt, Pampered Chef party and a barn dance. 

However fundraising is still very important as the club needs to keep generating money to be able to repay the remaining £6,000 loan. 

The next stage is the installation of floodlights around the courts to extend possible playing times.

Events coming up...  

Ongoing Donation and Double 
Scotter Tennis Club gives you £5 and you need to have your entrepreneurial hat on to use the money to generate some more.  A good challenge for a budding Alan Sugar!

Ongoing Smartie Tube change collection
Contact Sue Mumby 07585447725 for a tube of sweets and return the tube filled with loose change


photography ©mhodsman2014